WELKS Champ Show in Malvern, UK – with 113 entries,
Best Dog, BOS and his first CC.
113 påmeldte dalmatinere og vinner av BIM

Ch Skvå Luxury Item

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1st – Frandsen’s INT/DK/SE/NO/NORD CH Skvaa Luxury Item
Definitely a luxury item, this is a lovely striking quality liver and white boy that caught my eye straight away. There is much to like about this dog who has is good masculine dog without any coarseness or being overdone in any way. The overall quality of this dog starts with a handsome head having good expression and strong pigmentation. There is good reach and length of neck followed by a well angulated lay of shoulder. His overall construction offers a well developed front with deep chest and good spring of rib. A dog of correct length of back and well coupled loin. A dog with good rear angulations and a well developed second thigh He has a correct top line standing and on the move leading to correct tail set. I had no disappointment when he moved as his movement was with purpose having a good reach and drive yet still remaining balanced. He was at one with handler and did not put a foot wrong. He is such a well constructed balanced dog, which is in hard, fit condition. He challenged well for Best of Breed and it could have gone either way, but unfortunately there can only be one that takes top honours – a very hard final decision to make. Overall though I was pleased with my choice in awarding him a well deserved DCC.

Eier Thomas Frandsen